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About Us

The Fleurantin Foundation stands as a proactive force committed to advancing cardiovascular awareness through the targeted bridging of social and racial education gaps. At the heart of our mission is the advocacy for programs that strive to eliminate disparities in access to cardiovascular education, care, and treatment for all individuals, regardless of social or racial backgrounds. We believe that a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health must not only address medical aspects but also actively work towards dismantling barriers that hinder equitable access to information and services. By championing inclusivity and breaking down educational barriers, the Fleurantin Foundation seeks to empower communities, fostering a collective commitment to heart health and well-being.

With an unwavering dedication to making cardiovascular education and resources universally accessible, the Fleurantin Foundation engages in strategic initiatives that amplify awareness and promote equal opportunities for health. By advocating for policies and programs that prioritize inclusivity, we aim to create a society where every individual has the knowledge and resources needed to make informed choices about their cardiovascular well-being. Our foundation believes that by fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration, we can inspire positive change in communities, ultimately contributing to a future where cardiovascular health disparities are minimized, and everyone has the opportunity to lead a heart-healthy life.

Meet The Experts

Board Of Directors

Dantona Leger, RYT
Deshaunah Dixon, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC
Maynel Lyttle
Nick Decius
Rock Pierre, APRN
Joi McMillon, MBA
Tammy Pierre
Stephanie Walters
Cynthia Lombard, MSW
Rey Francois, DNP
Ta-wana Barnes, LPN
Evangelist Lauretta Foster
Sonia Wimberly
Debra Kay Cohen, ESQ.
Arlette Romain, APRN
Lavonne Brown
Stephanie Williams
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